Men’s Transparent Swim Trunks

Cause a riot the next time you want to have a little fun under the sun by hitting the beach in these transparent swim trunks. The risque design leaves little to the imagination – showing your entire rock hard bod in all its glory.

Iron Man 3D LED Backpack

Iron Man 3D LED Backpack

There are backpacks and then there’s this stunning Iron Man 3D LED backpack. This head-turner of a backpack comes with a giant Iron Man face – complete with a couple of light up eyes – plastered over the entire backside – making it perfect for the comic fan in your life.

Retro Fanny Pack Hats

Retro Fanny Pack Hats

Infuse your look with some rad ’80s inspired fashion by topping off your outfit with one of these retro fanny pack hats. This nifty accessory comes fitted with a handy zippered pocket that is ideal for your shades and comes in dozens of eye-catching colorful styles.

Indestructible Shoes

Indestructible Shoes

These indestructible shoes are the last sneakers you’ll ever wear! Lightweight and flexible, these ultra rugged and breathable shoes are designed to keep the air flowing and come fitted with a protective steel toe for superior protection.

Carabiner Power Bank

Carabiner Power Bank

Ensure you have power wherever you go by attaching this very practical carabiner power bank to your pack. It’s designed to hold up to 132-lbs and also comes outfitted with a 3000 mAh battery capable of charging up your smartphone two times.

Mickey Mouse Glove Oven Mitts

Mickey Mouse Glove Oven Mitts

Add a dash of whimsy to your baking routine by handling all of your hot pans with these Mickey Mouse glove oven mitts. These charming cartoon styled mitts are made from a tough heat-resistant silicone and feature a non-slip grip.

This Chicken Harness Lets You Take Your Birds For a Walk

Chicken Duck Birds Harness

If you like to eat chicken, or just happen to have chickens to get nice and cheap eggs, you’d prefer your birds to be happy. And what makes a bird that can’t fly happy? Taking them for walks just like you would your dog! Yes, there’s now a chicken harness that allows you to strap your chicken in and attach a leash to take them on a walk to keep them nice and lean. Though, it’s probably best you don’t tell them why you’re looking to keep them so lean.

Moving Ink Blot Masks

Moving Ink Blot Masks

If you’re looking for a truly creepy mask then look no further than these moving inkblot Rorschach masks. These hand made masks are akin to the mask seen in the movie Watchmen with the endlessly changing ink blots, and come in five different ink blot styles.

Bee Shaped Baby Backpack Protects Babies Heads

Bee Shaped Baby Heads Protector Backpack

Babies and toddlers seem to fall on their head more than you might think. Whether they’re just trying to sit up and fall backwards, or they’re just starting to learn to walk, the backs of their head seem to take a beating from colliding with the ground. This unique (and adorably cute) bee backpack for babies and toddlers has a head protector that will protect your babies heads if they fall backwards.

Charcoal Underwear Pads

Charcoal Underwear Pads

I think we’ve all been in a situation where you’d rather lose complete consciousness rather than taking one more breath of someone’s fart. Luckily, someone had enough of their spouses flatulence, and invented these ingenious charcoal underwear pads that neutralize the smell of farts before they ever leave the trousers of the fartee.

Bathing, Grooming, Shedding Gloves

Bathing Grooming Shedding Gloves

If you’re like me, you have dog hair scattered throughout every corner, cranny, and crevice of your entire house, including on the walls, the ceiling, your counters, your food, your hair, your eyes, and even in the coffee I just took a sip of. Apparently there’s a better way then to just wait until the hairs fall off of your dog or cat throughout the day. These shedding gloves allow you to rub your dog or cat down and easily take all of the excess hair from their bodies.

ray ban folding glasses

Folding Ray-Ban Sunglasses

With the folding Ray-Ban sunglasses you’ll be able to stay stylish and protected from the blinding sun without over-encumbering your purse or pockets. It’s the classic Wayfarer glasses that you love with a twist – the frame folds in half for quick and convenient storage.

rear view sunglasses

Rear View Sunglasses

Stay alert in bad neighborhoods by having your own back with the rear view sunglasses. With a clever design straight out of a spy movie, these glasses allow you to remain vigilant of your surroundings so no can sneak up on you. 

crotchless yoga pants

Crotchless Yoga Pants Sexy

Hotter than hot! These crotchless yoga pants will add a sexy sizzle to your next bedroom work-out. Made with soft stretchy fabric, the open crotch is flat over-locked and perfectly aligned for all sorts of yoga related bedroom antics. Zen sexy!

rompers for men

The Bro Romper

Step aside ladies – it’s the guys turn to slay this summer with the Romphim – the only romper designed for men! This bro-tastic one piece features an adjustable waist, zipper fly, deep front pockets, and seductively short shorts to show off those killer legs.

higher objects adjustable utility bracelet

Sawyer Utility Bracelet

The Sawyer utility bracelet combines form and function into a stylish accessory that will look great with any outfit. This seemingly run-of-the-mill bracelet conceals a small flat top utility blade that can either be used for cutting or screwing.

waterproof socks

Waterproof Socks

Stay dry while trudging through Mother Nature’s wettest terrains by wearing these waterproof socks. Each pair features a singular 3 layer construction designed to provide a comfortable and breathable fit no matter what the conditions are like.

black steel ceramic quartz watch

Black Steel Ceramic Quartz Watch

Place a stylish spin on the way you tell time with this elegant black steel ceramic quartz watch. Instead of relying on a standard flat face, this steel and ceramic watch sports a three dimensional surface that contours outwards and lets you feel the time through touch.

original swiss army watch

Original Swiss Army Watch

The original Swiss Army watch is the complete package. It delivers the reliability you’ve come to expect from Swiss Army products in a sleek, stylish, and understated design that works for every occasion from picnics to black tie affairs.

UV Reactive Neon Bathing Suit

UV Reactive Neon Bathing Suit

Make a splash at your upcoming pool party by wowing everyone with this UV reactive neon bathing suit. The stylish swimsuit is decorated with a special UV reactive design that makes the abstract and psychedelic artwork come alive when exposed to UV lights.