infectious disease stress ball

Infectious Disease Stress Balls

Relieve stress while infecting yourself with one of these disease stress balls. Available in a variety of infectious diseases like small pox, the zombie virus, and the bubonic plague, each ball will erupt into painful blisters with every squeeze.

dog butt refrigerator magnets juvale

Cat Dog Butt Refrigerator Magnets

These cat/dog butt refrigerator magnets make the perfect gift for the pet lover who has it all. Each magnet in this six piece set comes styled like the rear-end of a different kitty cat or dog. They’re functional and make great conversation starters when guests come over.

super mario fridge magnets

Super Mario Refrigerator Magnets

Add some color and life to your dull fridge using these vibrant Super Mario refrigerator magnets. Each .75 x .75 inch magnet is modeled after iconic characters, bad guys, and props from the Super Mario universe so that you can create your own custom levels.

Reusable Traceless Adhesive Tape

Reusable Traceless Adhesive Tape

Many people neglect the practical function of this Reusable Traceless Gel Tape, it’s not an alternative for pro strong tape, but it’s really a great cost-efficient product for your daily convenience like hanging cellphone, keys this kind of small objects, be sure to stick on flat smooth glass and tile surface.

touch sensitive plant

Touch Sensitive Plants

If you think plants don’t have feelings then you’ve never encountered a touch sensitive plant before. These bashful Mimosa Pudica plants lie still while left alone, but as soon as they feel your touch, the plant comes to life in beautifully mind-blowing ways.


Below Cabinet Kitchen Vacuum

Below Cabinet Kitchen Vacuum

This below cabinet kitchen vacuum makes it remarkably easy to keep your kitchen floors immaculate. The vacuum installs discreetly under your kitchen cabinet without taking up any additional space, so you don’t have to bend over with a dustpan.


Self Sustaining Ecosphere

This self sustaining ecosphere is like owning your very own tiny world. The ecosphere is a balance of water, air, and life. The technology for this self sustaining ecosphere was developed by NASA scientists in an attempt to study our own planet’s biosphere.

the ultimate gardening tool

The Ultimate Gardening Tool

Whether you need to weed, dig, cut, or break through roots, the ultimate gardening tool is up for the job. It comes with both a straight and serrated blade topped off with a handy bottle opener and a wooden handle with a metal end cap perfect for compacting soil.

smart security camera blink

Ultra-long Battery Life Security Camera

2-year battery life! Ensure your property is being monitored 24/7 by placing this amazing security camera on the job. This handy and ultra portable security cam records in 1080p, is weatherproof, features 2-way audio, and can run for two years on just 2 AA batteries.

rheoscopic fluid planet

The Visible Rheoscopic Fluid Planet

Avoid feeling overwhelmed during your long and hectic workday by getting lost in this rheoscopic fluid planet. Each tiny planet is filled with a mixture of unique liquids that combine to create mesmerizing patterns and effects when the ball is shaken or bounced.

Cat Hammock Bed Tent

Cat Hammock Bed Tent

Ensure your beloved kitty is happy and comfy while he lounges around by spoiling him with this cat hammock bed tent. It’s made from cotton linen for utmost comfort and comes with a sturdy metallic ring so that you can easily hang this cool bed in any part of your home.

Cat Head Shaped Cat Bed

Cat Head Shaped Cat Bed

Earn some brownie points with your feline friend by upgrading his pad to this cat head shaped cat bed. Handmade from wool, this quirky bed features a soft cozy interior, and is available in sizes that range from small to double extra large.

desktop fire place firewood

Portable Desktop Fire Place

Get a nice little bonfire going with just the push of a button by cozying up alongside this desktop fire place. This cleverly designed ambient lighting lamp gives of a soft warm glow and also makes realistic sound effects to mimic the cracking wood of a real bonfire.

bigmouth wine glass bottle cup

The Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

Finally, a wine glass that fits your needs! The ultimate wine bottle glass is perfect for the wine snob in your life – even if it’s yourself. This must-have accessory is large enough to hold an entire 750mL bottle of wine – or just one serving wink wink.

the smart wooden log splitter

The Smart Wooden Log Splitter

Make quick work of the giant pile of logs in the yard by cutting them in record time by using the smart wooden log splitter. This high-quality tool helps you effortlessly split wooden logs using minimal force and without breaking your back.