Magnetized Puzzle Ball

Magnetized Puzzle Ball

Ensure your brain stays in tip-top shape while you keep boredom at bay with this magnetized puzzle ball. This intriguing puzzle is made from 36 individual magnetic pieces that you must fit together in the perfect sequence in order to complete the sphere.

Retro Fanny Pack Hats

Retro Fanny Pack Hats

Infuse your look with some rad ’80s inspired fashion by topping off your outfit with one of these retro fanny pack hats. This nifty accessory comes fitted with a handy zippered pocket that is ideal for your shades and comes in dozens of eye-catching colorful styles.


The Noggle Car Air Vent Tube

If you have a car without air-vents in the back seat, chances are your kids or other passengers in your car have complained about not enough air getting back to them while driving on extra hot days in the summer. The Noggle is a new genius invention that allows you to easily send air to the backseat using a long flexible tube that can be put into any position.

Treat Holder Phone Attachment

Treat Holder Phone Attachment

Snapping the perfect photo of your furry friend is easier than ever with this treat holder phone attachment. The device easily clips to the top of your smartphone so that you can dandle a delicious treat and get your pooch to look directly into the camera.

LED Waterproof Bike Wheel Light

LED Waterproof Bike Wheel Light

Light up the roads with amazing color by outfitting your ride with this LED waterproof bike wheel light. This compact battery operated device is fitted with 32 full color LEDs that will guarantee you’re seen by oncoming traffic and pretty much anyone who crosses your path.

Magnetized Zen Garden

Magnetized Zen Garden

Achieve total serenity without meditation by creating gravity-defying patterns on this magnetized zen garden. This small square garden combines natural magnetic sand along with three polished Hematite rocks so you can create a variety of abstract designs.

Baby Bath Toys Makes Bath-Time Fun

Best Baby Bath Toys

Make America great again? Forget that. Make bath time fun again. That should be the priority. And Yookidoo Baby Bath Toys are doing just that. They make bath time enjoyable for kids with some excellent and colorful toys. These unique bath toys are sure to both entertain and inspire your child. The toys come in a few different varieties, all of which use the water in a fun and unique way that your kids can interact with.


The World’s Most Compact Baby Stroller

Baby strollers are pretty handy to have around sometimes, like when at the airport you get to through the fast lane into the radiation machines, you get to hang all your shopping bags on it when at the mall, plus I suppose it could be used to haul your children around instead of carrying them.


4Moms Breeze Plus Play Yard

I’m not a parent, so I don’t know exactly how terrible it is, but I can surely imagine. Why make things worse with a terrible pack ‘n play that’s bulky and takes forever to setup and disassemble? The 4Moms Breeze is a new playard that takes literally 2 seconds to setup, and literally 2 seconds to disassemble.

Mini Cement Bricks and Mortar

Mini Cement Bricks and Mortar

Whether you love Legos, building blocks, Donald Trump, or just building walls, you’ll most likely enjoy these tiny bricks that let you build your very own miniature wall. The mini cinder blocks comes in a set of 24 bricks, and even come atop a tiny little wooden pallet where the bricks are stacked up and ready to go just like you’d find in the real world!

Galaxy In A Crystal Ball

Galaxy In A Crystal Ball

Marvel at the majesty of our cosmos by placing this galaxy in a crystal ball on your desktop. This 2.4″ diameter laser engraved crystal sphere depicts a spiral galaxy as seen from a great distance, making this a great accent piece for any science geek.

Munch Mitt Baby Teething Mitten

Munch Mitt Baby Teething Mitten

Babies who are teething stick their mouths on everything. Well, babies do that anyway, but teething babies want to chew on everything. Growing new teeth must really hurt. The Munch Mitt will help, as It gives them something to wear that they can chew on, rather than putting your remote controls, smart phones, and other household items in their mouth.

Squishy Puking Egg Yolk Stress Ball With Yellow Goop

Squishy Puking Egg Yolk

There is something so satisfying about squeezing an egg when your stressed. You get the satisfaction of feeling the yolk and whatever that clear stuff is called squeeze out between your fingers. The problem with this as a stress relieving activity…the mess, the slight damage the egg shell does to your hands, and cost of replacing so many eggs. Thanks to this Puking Egg Yolk Stress Ball you can now de-stress while squeezing the same ol’ egg over and over again. And the best part about this stress ball is that it pukes out what looks like its innards – a yellow goo that looks like a runny yolk.

Salt Gun Shoots Salt Pellets To Combat Bugs

Salt Gun Shoots Salt to Combat Bugs

Bugs. They kind of rule the Earth, plus they’re icky, nasty, and all over our foods whenever we eat outside. They invade our picnics and our homes. This madness has to end. Either they will rule the world or we will, and this is all out war. Time for an A-Salt! The Bug-a-Salt Salt Gun shoots salt pellets to put bugs in their place, and get them off our food!

Portable Bunk Beds For Camping

Portable Bunk Beds for Camping

What’s the worst thing about camping? Sleeping on the ground, or listening to your children whine about sleeping on the ground? One of these problems is ok to deal with at a time, but two? I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone. This thing called the Kid-O-Bunk is a portable bunk bed set that you can bring along when you go camping to offer your children a nice comfortable place to sleep in a tent that’s not on the cold hard ground.

Dripstik No Mess Ice Cream

Dripstik Ice Cream Holder

Summer again, there’s nothing worse than a kid running around your house with sticky fingers, while they pick up and put down every toy they’ve ever owned, making a sticky pile of toys that would be easier to burn and start fresh rather than washing each one of the sticky residue. This product will make your life as a parent a whole lot easier, as it’s a device that will protect your kids hands from getting sticky while eating melting ice cream cones and Popsicles.

Bee Shaped Baby Backpack Protects Babies Heads

Bee Shaped Baby Heads Protector Backpack

Babies and toddlers seem to fall on their head more than you might think. Whether they’re just trying to sit up and fall backwards, or they’re just starting to learn to walk, the backs of their head seem to take a beating from colliding with the ground. This unique (and adorably cute) bee backpack for babies and toddlers has a head protector that will protect your babies heads if they fall backwards.

Braid Your Hair Easily

Braid Your Hair Easily

If you’ve spent hours watching YouTube and still can’t figure out how to braid your children’s(or your) hair the Just Play Easy Braids Playset is the next thing you need to buy! No longer will you be forced to watch your child longingly stare at that girl with the great braids.

Pony Cycle Horse Scooter

Ponycycle Horse Scooter

The Pony Cycle is a unique horse shaped scooter that is self-propelled by bouncing up and down on it like you’re galloping. With each pump of your feet, the fake pony will move forward on the wheels located on the bottom of the horse’s hooves. If your child wants a pony or horse, but in no way will that ever happen, this fake galloping pony scooter might be your next best bet.

Nintendo WorldNES Lamp

NES Controller Mario Lamp

Every plumber and princess saver knows you can’t accomplish much in the dark (though Mario seemed to do pretty well down there in those sewers…) – enter the Nintendo Light Up The World NES Controller Lamp. This lamp has me reminiscing back to when I would be up into the wee hours playing Super Mario trying to save Princess Peach – hey this lamp would have been pretty handy back then.

NERF Dog Ball Launcher

NERF Dog Ball Launcher

NERF guns are great for office warfare, or warfare between family members, but guess what? Your dog feels left out. He would like some of that sweet NERF action. Why don’t you give him some. This Nerf Dog Ball Launcher is a toy that is specifically made so that you can play with your furry friends.

mommy us dual pool float

Mommy And Us Dual Pool Float

Do you have 2 kids that you need to keep alive in the pool this summer? This Mommy and Us pool float will be the perfect tool because you can put two children into this one float, ensuring both remain close and under your watchful eye. If your parenting style is more zone coverage rather than one-on-one, this is the game changer you’ve been looking for!

A Mini Jumping Water Fountain Playground

A Mini Jumping Water Fountain Playground

The Jungle Jumparoo seems to have a little bit of everything. It’s essentially a mini children’s playground that lets you jump, hang on to some bars, swing on a rope swing, get sprayed by a water fountain, and pretty much have the best time of your life.

best battle robots

Battle Robots V1 V2

Robotics and gladiator-like warfare come together in the form of these battle robots. They sport an arachnid-like design to help with stability during battle and easily sync to your smartphone so that you can control your fearless battle bot remotely.

LEGO Ghostbusters Car

LEGO Ghostbusters Car

Fear not citizens of LEGOVille – for the LEGO Ghostbusters are here to exterminate your local ghouls with help from their trusty automobile. The Ecto-1 features the classic logo and comes decked out with the latest in paranormal detection equipment.

lego star wars x wing

LEGO Star Wars X-Wing

Experience the excitement of intergalactic aerial battles first hand with the LEGO Star Wars X-Wing. This highly detailed Starfighter is made up of over 1500 pieces and features an opening cockpit and a R2-D2 droid mounted overhead for unrivaled realism.

battle of helms deep lego set

Battle Of Helm’s Deep LEGO Set

Recreate one of the most epic scenes in the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy using the Battle of Helm’s Deep LEGO set. This 1,368 piece set comes with everything necessary to construct the iconic fortress and pit the forces of good and evil against each other.