The Venn Puzzle

The Venn Puzzle

The Venn Puzzle is a beautiful mechanical puzzle comprised of three identical pieces. This challenging and intriguing puzzle makes for a beautiful desk accessory. Keep it on a desk, shelf, or coffee table as a decoration, game, or paper weight.

infectious disease stress ball

Infectious Disease Stress Balls

Relieve stress while infecting yourself with one of these disease stress balls. Available in a variety of infectious diseases like small pox, the zombie virus, and the bubonic plague, each ball will erupt into painful blisters with every squeeze.

dog butt refrigerator magnets juvale

Cat Dog Butt Refrigerator Magnets

These cat/dog butt refrigerator magnets make the perfect gift for the pet lover who has it all. Each magnet in this six piece set comes styled like the rear-end of a different kitty cat or dog. They’re functional and make great conversation starters when guests come over.

dragon ball z balls

Dragon Ball Z Set

Start thinking of a good wish because with the Dragon Ball Z set in your possession, anything is possible. After decades of searching the globe, the seven dragon balls have finally been tracked and are ready to be used – immortality is finally yours!

super mario fridge magnets

Super Mario Refrigerator Magnets

Add some color and life to your dull fridge using these vibrant Super Mario refrigerator magnets. Each .75 x .75 inch magnet is modeled after iconic characters, bad guys, and props from the Super Mario universe so that you can create your own custom levels.

rear view sunglasses

Rear View Sunglasses

Stay alert in bad neighborhoods by having your own back with the rear view sunglasses. With a clever design straight out of a spy movie, these glasses allow you to remain vigilant of your surroundings so no can sneak up on you. 

touch sensitive plant

Touch Sensitive Plants

If you think plants don’t have feelings then you’ve never encountered a touch sensitive plant before. These bashful Mimosa Pudica plants lie still while left alone, but as soon as they feel your touch, the plant comes to life in beautifully mind-blowing ways.


custom photo stickers mystickerface

Personalized Face Stickers

Customize all your possessions by plastering your beautiful mug all over them using these personalized face stickers. They’re made from high quality matte vinyl and are both microwave and dishwasher safe, meaning you can stick them on virtually anything.

rheoscopic fluid planet

The Visible Rheoscopic Fluid Planet

Avoid feeling overwhelmed during your long and hectic workday by getting lost in this rheoscopic fluid planet. Each tiny planet is filled with a mixture of unique liquids that combine to create mesmerizing patterns and effects when the ball is shaken or bounced.

UV Reactive Neon Bathing Suit

UV Reactive Neon Bathing Suit

Make a splash at your upcoming pool party by wowing everyone with this UV reactive neon bathing suit. The stylish swimsuit is decorated with a special UV reactive design that makes the abstract and psychedelic artwork come alive when exposed to UV lights.

Cat Hammock Bed Tent

Cat Hammock Bed Tent

Ensure your beloved kitty is happy and comfy while he lounges around by spoiling him with this cat hammock bed tent. It’s made from cotton linen for utmost comfort and comes with a sturdy metallic ring so that you can easily hang this cool bed in any part of your home.

Cat Head Shaped Cat Bed

Cat Head Shaped Cat Bed

Earn some brownie points with your feline friend by upgrading his pad to this cat head shaped cat bed. Handmade from wool, this quirky bed features a soft cozy interior, and is available in sizes that range from small to double extra large.

flame jam hoop

Flaming Basketball Hoop

This flaming basketball hoop will give an entirely new meaning to being on fire when you’re shooting some hoops. It comes with an easy mounting bracket ideal for placing on any door and features a special rim that bursts into flames after you sink in 3 shots.

hamster reflective bike spoke accessory ototo

Reflective Hamster Bike Spoke Accessory

Give your trusty two-wheeler some charm and character with this reflective hamster bike spoke accessory. This comical little hamster is covered in a glittery coating that makes it super easy to spot from afar as he runs round and round when you move forward.

bigmouth wine glass bottle cup

The Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

Finally, a wine glass that fits your needs! The ultimate wine bottle glass is perfect for the wine snob in your life – even if it’s yourself. This must-have accessory is large enough to hold an entire 750mL bottle of wine – or just one serving wink wink.