Cat Phone Holder Kickstand

Cat Phone Holder Kickstand

If you’re a cat person, these adorable phone holder kickstands are perfect for you. Each cheery little cat is made from PVC and comes fitted with a small suction cup over its two front paws to prevent your sleek smartphone from sliding off.

rheoscopic fluid planet

The Visible Rheoscopic Fluid Planet

Avoid feeling overwhelmed during your long and hectic workday by getting lost in this rheoscopic fluid planet. Each tiny planet is filled with a mixture of unique liquids that combine to create mesmerizing patterns and effects when the ball is shaken or bounced.

tron legacy cycling jersey

Tron Legacy Inspired Sports Jerseys

Make your sports outfits outstanding and unique, do not miss this serie of Tron Legacy inspired outfits for Cycling, Running and Swimming (Triathlon). Exquisite blue and orange lights patterns with optional jerseys, sets and trisuits. Pay attention to the size.