Mini Longboard Cruiser Skateboards

Mini Longboard Cruiser Skateboards

Enjoy the versatility of a compact board with all the stability of a traditional longboard by riding around on an Eggboard. These mini longboard cruiser skateboards, feature a wider than normal deck for increased stability while you cruise.

A Genius Canopy Chair

A Genius Canopy Chair

Watching your children play sports is great and all, but it could really be a lot better if you didn’t have to sit in the sweltering sun while getting attacked by every mosquito and fly within the area as you watch. This genius new folding lawn chair has an integrated screen and top canopy so you can be in your safe space while you view, lounge, and drink.

LED Waterproof Bike Wheel Light

LED Waterproof Bike Wheel Light

Light up the roads with amazing color by outfitting your ride with this LED waterproof bike wheel light. This compact battery operated device is fitted with 32 full color LEDs that will guarantee you’re seen by oncoming traffic and pretty much anyone who crosses your path.

Annoying Sound Torture Devices

Annoying Sound Torture Devices

Spice up your dull workweek by declaring an all-out prank war at the workplace using these annoying sound torture devices. They’re small enough to hide inside or under any desk and emit impossibly annoying sounds that’ll drive your coworkers crazy for hours on end.


This Giant Beach Mat Absorbs Sand

No-one likes a sandy butt-crack. Keep the sand out of your those pesky body crevices with this giant beach mat that absorbs sand. The sand-free beach mat has a dual layer mesh technology that makes any sand that falls on it disappear.

Silent Karaoke Mic

Silent Karaoke Mic

If you treat karaoke like a sport the Utaet Voice training Silent Karaoke Mic is the perfect practice tool for you. With this device you can belt out your favorite tunes at all hours of the day without worry of disturbing your neighbors or roommates because this mic will reduce up to 70% of sound! And did you know this Mic is also considered a weight loss solution in Japan? It is suggested that singing with all your energy can assist with weight loss and can help improve your health.

Collapsible Wagon 8 Inches Thick

8 Inches Thick Collapsible Wagon

Chances are you’ve never used one of those Radio Flyer red wagons to do anything other than to give your kids a ride down the driveway and back up. But what if there was a functional way of using one that helped you haul around large heavy objects, yet wasn’t a bear to haul around when empty?  This foldable utility wagon is all about ease of use and versatility, and will surely be your best friend, when you need to haul around a lot of stuff back and forth from your car.

Hands Free Shower Back Scrubber

Hands Free Shower Back Scrubber

Up until someone ingeniously invented the rag on a stick, bears probably had the most intelligent way to clean and scratch your own back, which was to rub themselves up and down on the side of a tree. There’s nothing quite like tree bark to get those hard to reach spots, and exfoliate that skin and fur! Well, now you can take the brilliant technology of a tree into the shower so you can scrub your own back hands-free just like a bear would.

Kindling Cracker Lets You Split Wood With a Hammer

Kindling Cracker Split Wood with a Hammer

This Kindling Cracker allows you to split wood super easily with just a hammer. To use it, simply place a log or piece of kindling into the circle on the top and have it rest on top of the blade that’s pointing up. Then just smash it a couple of times with a hammer and it will be split in half in seconds. Plus using the splitter will take much less effort to cut the wood in half than an axe would.

Super Portable Picnic Table Folds Down To a Briefcase For Easy Transport

Super Portable Foldable Picnic Table

This picnic table folds all the way down to a briefcase so you can easily carry it from one place to another. Perfect for the mobile eater, tailgater, beach goer, or picnic enthusiast, the folding picnic table seats up to 4 regular sized humans, and can quickly and easily be folded down so that it actually turns in to what looks to be a large wooden briefcase.

Nano Morphing Folding Knife

Nano Morphing Folding Titanium Knife

If you’re a Boy Scout who always likes to be prepared you are probably also someone who carries around a pocket knife… Carry Around This Nano Morphing Folding Knife That Opens To Give You a Full Grip Knife.

Nintendo WorldNES Lamp

NES Controller Mario Lamp

Every plumber and princess saver knows you can’t accomplish much in the dark (though Mario seemed to do pretty well down there in those sewers…) – enter the Nintendo Light Up The World NES Controller Lamp. This lamp has me reminiscing back to when I would be up into the wee hours playing Super Mario trying to save Princess Peach – hey this lamp would have been pretty handy back then.

Floating Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge

Floating Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge

This floating island is a comfy lounge that you can relax on in a pool, at a beach, out on a lake, or in the middle of the ocean. The floating lounge also has a canopy that you can set up to hide your pale skin from burning.

The Venn Puzzle

The Venn Puzzle

The Venn Puzzle is a beautiful mechanical puzzle comprised of three identical pieces. This challenging and intriguing puzzle makes for a beautiful desk accessory. Keep it on a desk, shelf, or coffee table as a decoration, game, or paper weight.

victorinox swiss army pocket knife

Swiss Army Pocket Knife

Handle any task that comes your way by making sure you always carry a trusty Swiss Army pocket knife. This iconic staple of everyday carry gear is finely crafted using stainless steel with 17 different tools capable of performing 33 unique functions.

crotchless yoga pants

Crotchless Yoga Pants Sexy

Hotter than hot! These crotchless yoga pants will add a sexy sizzle to your next bedroom work-out. Made with soft stretchy fabric, the open crotch is flat over-locked and perfectly aligned for all sorts of yoga related bedroom antics. Zen sexy!


Self Sustaining Ecosphere

This self sustaining ecosphere is like owning your very own tiny world. The ecosphere is a balance of water, air, and life. The technology for this self sustaining ecosphere was developed by NASA scientists in an attempt to study our own planet’s biosphere.

original swiss army watch

Original Swiss Army Watch

The original Swiss Army watch is the complete package. It delivers the reliability you’ve come to expect from Swiss Army products in a sleek, stylish, and understated design that works for every occasion from picnics to black tie affairs.

the vibrator necklace

The Vibrator Necklace

The vibrator necklace proves that the best hiding place is within plain sight. The discreet and inconspicuous design allows you to sneak this fancy clam jolter into any place, so you’ll always be prepared to take care of business – no matter how inappropriate the location!

smart security camera blink

Ultra-long Battery Life Security Camera

2-year battery life! Ensure your property is being monitored 24/7 by placing this amazing security camera on the job. This handy and ultra portable security cam records in 1080p, is weatherproof, features 2-way audio, and can run for two years on just 2 AA batteries.

Cat Head Shaped Cat Bed

Cat Head Shaped Cat Bed

Earn some brownie points with your feline friend by upgrading his pad to this cat head shaped cat bed. Handmade from wool, this quirky bed features a soft cozy interior, and is available in sizes that range from small to double extra large.

the smart wooden log splitter

The Smart Wooden Log Splitter

Make quick work of the giant pile of logs in the yard by cutting them in record time by using the smart wooden log splitter. This high-quality tool helps you effortlessly split wooden logs using minimal force and without breaking your back.