The Kotatsu Heated Table

The Kotatsu Heated Table

The Kotatsu heated table is perfect for keeping you nice and toasty when you’re vegging out at home on those cold days. Not only does it come with a built-in heater, but the top of the table can be lifted so that you can place a blanket in between to create a cozy little fort.

Netgear Next Gen Nighthawk Routers

Netgear Next Gen Nighthawk Routers

These next-generation Nighthawk routers from Netgear are designed to keep up with our technology driven lives. This line of new routers will boast WiFi 6 technology which will reportedly deliver up to 4x better performance than the previous generation.


4Moms Breeze Plus Play Yard

I’m not a parent, so I don’t know exactly how terrible it is, but I can surely imagine. Why make things worse with a terrible pack ‘n play that’s bulky and takes forever to setup and disassemble? The 4Moms Breeze is a new playard that takes literally 2 seconds to setup, and literally 2 seconds to disassemble.

Portable Bunk Beds For Camping

Portable Bunk Beds for Camping

What’s the worst thing about camping? Sleeping on the ground, or listening to your children whine about sleeping on the ground? One of these problems is ok to deal with at a time, but two? I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone. This thing called the Kid-O-Bunk is a portable bunk bed set that you can bring along when you go camping to offer your children a nice comfortable place to sleep in a tent that’s not on the cold hard ground.

Rearview Bicycle Radar Warns Of Approaching Cars

Rearview Bicycle Radar

The Varia Rearview Radar is a device that attaches to the back of your bicycle and warns you on a digital display that mounts on your handlebars, if a car is approaching. The radar can actually detect multiple cars at the same time as well as their relative speeds and lets you know each cars threat level depending on how close they are to you.

Pony Cycle Horse Scooter

Ponycycle Horse Scooter

The Pony Cycle is a unique horse shaped scooter that is self-propelled by bouncing up and down on it like you’re galloping. With each pump of your feet, the fake pony will move forward on the wheels located on the bottom of the horse’s hooves. If your child wants a pony or horse, but in no way will that ever happen, this fake galloping pony scooter might be your next best bet.

A Mini Jumping Water Fountain Playground

A Mini Jumping Water Fountain Playground

The Jungle Jumparoo seems to have a little bit of everything. It’s essentially a mini children’s playground that lets you jump, hang on to some bars, swing on a rope swing, get sprayed by a water fountain, and pretty much have the best time of your life.

salt firing self defense gun

Non-Lethal Salt Self Defense Gun

Protect your home and family without the possibility of ending someone’s life by using the non-lethal Salt self defense gun kit. Instead of traditional ammo, it fires bullet-sized pepper spray capsules designed to release a toxin that immediately incapacitates your target.

best battle robots

Battle Robots V1 V2

Robotics and gladiator-like warfare come together in the form of these battle robots. They sport an arachnid-like design to help with stability during battle and easily sync to your smartphone so that you can control your fearless battle bot remotely.

lego star wars x wing

LEGO Star Wars X-Wing

Experience the excitement of intergalactic aerial battles first hand with the LEGO Star Wars X-Wing. This highly detailed Starfighter is made up of over 1500 pieces and features an opening cockpit and a R2-D2 droid mounted overhead for unrivaled realism.

battle of helms deep lego set

Battle Of Helm’s Deep LEGO Set

Recreate one of the most epic scenes in the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy using the Battle of Helm’s Deep LEGO set. This 1,368 piece set comes with everything necessary to construct the iconic fortress and pit the forces of good and evil against each other.

black steel ceramic quartz watch

Black Steel Ceramic Quartz Watch

Place a stylish spin on the way you tell time with this elegant black steel ceramic quartz watch. Instead of relying on a standard flat face, this steel and ceramic watch sports a three dimensional surface that contours outwards and lets you feel the time through touch.

giant flamingo party boat pool float

Giant Flamingo Party Float

Turn a regular lake day into an epic celebration by heading out with all your friends aboard this giant flamingo party float. This massive brightly colored flamingo can fit up to 6 people and comes with features like a built-in cooler and 6 cup holders.